Sep 4, 2013

A few from Andy (Scranton 2013)

Workshop member Andy Malette was busy wearing several hats at last month's 2013 NASG Convention in Scranton PA.

In addition to some duties as part of the organizing committee, Andy displayed two modules as part of the Workshop's Free-mo layout - and staffed a table as the brass hat behind MLW Services.

Despite all this, Andy managed to take a few photos. Here's a sample. Click on any picture for a larger version...

Sep 1, 2013

More photos from Scranton

Thanks to fellow S scale enthusiasts Bill Lane and Peter Vanvliet, who shared their photos of the S Scale Workshop modular layout as it appeared at the NASG's 2013 convention in Scranton PA. A selection from Bill and Peter appears below. Click on each for a larger version.

Member Jim Martin recently reported on the Workshop's appearance at Scranton. For more on the convention, visit the NASG's website.