Nov 24, 2018

Culverhouse on the move

Workshop member Jim Martin checks in with a progress report on his home layout - and a new owner for one of his modules...


Work progresses on fitting my Port Dover layout into its new home - although depending on when one visits, it can look like two steps back. Currently it’s in the “two steps back” stage as a number of layout sections have been pulled back off their “L” girders to facilitate a few necessary jobs.

Jim's layout in its new home. As he's reported earlier on this site, the new space is much more comfortable.

One job involved lifting the whole layout ever so slightly to better meet the bottom of the backdrop. Some three-quarter inch strapping on top of the girders took care of that.

With the sections out I pulled out an end mirror and took it to a glass shop to have a notch cut out of the corner. (I’ll talk more about that a little later.)

That's the mirror: the smoke comes later...

I am also fitting the last of three backdrop sections. Once these jobs are done and dusted I expect the sections to be permanently installed so I can get cracking on track and scenery.


Jim's Culverhouse module has been a popular feature on Workshop exhibition layouts.
With a new owner, it'll be back on the exhibition circuit.
A few months back I mentioned opting for a slightly smaller layout. Something had to give and it’s my Culverhouse module. Ironically, Culverhouse is the most scenically complete of anything I have done so far, but it had to go.

I’m happy to tell you its new owner is fellow Workshop member Darby Marriott.  Sadly I repurposed its portable legs and carry cradle when I thought it would be permanently retired to the basement, so Darby has to recreate those pieces.

Darby shows off his legs.
Darby’s already hard at it prepping his new module for the annual Quinte Model Railroad Show in Belleville, Ontario - December 1 & 2. I’ll be there, along with Darby, Andy, John and Paul. We all hope you'll drop in to say hello!

- Jim

See you in Belleville (Dec 1-2, 2018)

Yes, it's short notice...

But several members of the S Scale Workshop will be in Belleville next weekend (December 1-2, 2018) to exhibit at the Quinte Model Railroad Show.

The show runs 10am-4pm both days, and takes place at a new location this year:

Centennial Secondary School
160 Palmer Road
Belleville, Ontario
K8P 4E1

John entertains the crowd at the 2015 show in Belleville.
Want to know where you can meet up with us? Check our events page!