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  1. The New Year brings all sorts of new possibilities. For Christmas I built Connor (7 years old) a On30 layout to start with (unofortunately some family stuff prevented me from getting it running for the big day). So far the benchwork is done, and the track is about 50% built. I am hoping to have it running in the next 2 or 3 weeks, and then I can think about S scale again.

    Trevor's new adventures has definately hit home. I usually try to do too much for the space available. My layout has a basically functioning Port Rowan on it, to go with Muskoka. But nothing in between. I am hoping a rearrange of the pieces would allow for some nice running between the 2.

    While recovering from a rather silly New Years yesterday (don't ask...) I started sketching some possibilities. What I am hoping to do is build some open running, possibly including a corner, that can be used at home and in the Workshop layout. One thing I really like is fields and open country, both lacking slightly in my home design, and the workshop layout.

    A few more feet of open country, and bringing out the newly adopted (from Chris) Marshall's siding would really make for some great open running.

    But for the time being back to the On30 so I can keep a rather excited 7 year old focused on Model Railroading rather than Super Mario.....



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