at Dolgoch Falls, Talyllyn Railway, Wales
(aka bobcatt)
A short pithy mostly relevant Bio:

I was surprised (and pleased) to be asked to join the S Scale Workshop after hanging around the group at every show to which they brought the "Ridgehill Central" layout. At the time I was tinkering with Sn42 and had built a couple of pieces of rolling stock in 1:64. Shortly after joining, the group (with much deliberation) adopted the Free-mo style of layout construction thanks to its increased flexibility.

My first effort with the group is the "Marshall's Siding" ess curve module set, which is now with David. It never would have gotten to a fully sceniced state without the generous assistance of both Trevor Marshall and Jim Martin. A different module will be built (in future) to suit a smaller vehicle. I suspect something equally non-rectilinear will be designed.

My background in technology and fabrication is reflected in the aspects of this hobby that most interest me; control systems, circuitry & wiring, benchwork, track laying, CAD, and so on.

currently active as:
- a semi-regular co-host of the "Model Rail Radio" podcast
- Technical Director of "The Model Railway Show" podcast

primarily pursuing:
- S scale, 1950's (S Scale Workshop)
- Sn42 (Railways of Newfoundland)
- 16mm Live Steam
War Department Light Railways
- Digitrax DCC

guilt by association:
- N-Trak (early on)
- HO, 1920's (dad's home layout)
- 7mm (O16.5), Welsh-inspired (dad's portable layout)

past projects:
- HO 4'x6' with Atlas electrical components, dual cab DC (no scenery)
- N-Trak 2'x4' (minimal scenery)
- N scale 2-1/2'x 5' layout, dual cab DC, later DCC (no scenery)
- On30 module, Free-mo style, 3' curve (mostly sceniced)
- S scale module, Free-mo style, 9'-8" ess curve (mostly sceniced)
- 3D CAD, exploded models, 36' Fowler box car (4 variants)
- 3D CAD, exploded models, cylindrical hopper
- 3D CAD, exploded models, fishbelly centre sill flat car
- Railways of Newfoundland website
- Railways of Newfoundland Yahoo! group

pending projects:
- OOn3 coaches, Schull & Skibbereen Ry
- 32mm gauge conversion of a 45mm gauge Bachmann Forney
- SM32 garden track, live steam

assisted on:
- N-Trak club layout (wiring, track, power supplies, DCC)
- On2 S&PCR (benchwork, wiring)
- On2 S&PCR v2 (benchwork, wiring)
- P48, urban layout (room prep, benchwork)
- On30 modules, Free-mo style (benchwork, wiring, track)
- S, Port Rowan (benchwork, turnouts, sector plate)
- S, Free-mo (modules, wiring, DCC)
- HO, Free-mo, Peterborough Project (wiring)
- HO, Victoria Railroad (design, benchwork, track laying, wiring, turnout controls)
- O16.5, Welsh quarry (design, benchwork, track laying, wiring)

other relevant stuff:
- former club secretary, Erin Mills Model Railroad Association
- clinician, NMRA 2003 Convention
- clinician, NMRA NFR Narrow Gauge day
- layout organiser, 1st "Narrow Gauge Madness" Show, Schomberg ON
- spent a weekend firing former Monson RR #4 at the Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad and Museum
- sidebar, On2 turntable mechanism, RMC article by Trevor Marshall
- article, Maine 2' Quarterly, Sn2 boxcar scratchbuild
- models, Toronto RPM meet, RMC article by Vince Pugliese
- module description, S Scale Workshop, RMC article by Pete Moffett
- photos, NG&SLG, Schomberg Scale Models micro layout (built by Chris Creighton)