Jul 26, 2016

CNR 4204 (Trevor's 2-10-2, because why not?)

A year ago at Exporail, Workshop member Simon Parent introduced his latest creation - a beautiful CNR 2-10-2 - and took orders from interested parties.

I sure didn't need one of these for my Port Rowan layout, but Simon's work is so nice - and the model is so impressive - that I just couldn't resist.

Last night, Simon sent me a photo of my model - fresh out of the paint shop - and it's just too good to keep it to myself:

(Bigger than my layout. Click on the image to view a larger version)
This brute will get a good workout on the S Scale Workshop layout at upcoming exhibitions - including our return to Exporail in Saint-Constant, Quebec and our first appearance at a major model railway exhibition in Brampton, Ontario. Why not come out and see us?

(Thanks, Simon: I'm very excited. It's Christmas in July!)

- Trevor