Jun 19, 2012

Planting a meadow

I'm adding basic scenery to my S scale home layout, based on the CNR branch to Port Rowan, Ontario. Here's a photo of progress around the turntable approach track in Port Rowan.
For more, read the Meadow Madness entry on my blog.
- Trevor

Jun 6, 2012

A turntable for Port Rowan

I've finished the turntable for Port Rowan on my home layout:

I followed the suggestion of fellow Workshop member Simon Parent and ordered an HO scale 90-foot turntable kit - with motor and motor mount - from Custom Model Railroads.

I kitbashed this into a 65-foot S scale turntable (a little longer than my prototype, but close enough) with girder sides spliced out of Central Valley Model Works HO scale bridge girders.

For more on the turntable build, follow this link to my layout blog.

Thanks to another fellow Workshop member - Chris Abbott - for help with final installation and levelling.

Next up, I will detail the pit with dirt and grass, built up the surrounding terrain, and lay the rails for the approach track.

- Trevor