I'm one of the group's gray-hairs, enjoying retirement after a 40-year career in broadcasting.

at Trainfest, Milwaukee, 2011
I've been interested in trains for as long as I can remember. My first train arrived for my 8th Christmas; a Marx O-27 set. As I aged and became more serious about the hobby, I switched to HO scale.  But the Marx set, with its S scale superstructures, must have made a deep imprint. In the 80s I switched to fine-scale S, a decision helped along by the emergence of new large-scale manufacturers. I have never regretted my move to S  

I was one of the founding members of the S Scale workshop back in the 1990s. At that time the group consisted of just five people who built a sectional S scale layout for local shows. The 11 by 20 ft "Ridgehill Central" had attractive scenery and ran well but was a bear to set up, transport, and store. It was retired in 2005 so that a new, more flexible Free-mo style modular layout could be constructed. It is that layout that continues to engage our interest today.  

My "Port Dover" and "Culverhouse" modules, while Free-mo, are also the anchor sections for my home layout that continues to creep along the walls.

I love model railroading. It is the world's most engaging, complete and richly-layered hobby. But it's not my life...it's what I fit between the truly important parts of my life... My wife Cheryl. my kids David and Heather and my friends. Heck, let's throw Maggie the dog in there as well. Other interests include my MGB, travel, and single malt Scotch.

It's a great life!

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