Hello: I'm Brian.

I've had an interest in trains as long as I can remember - my father being a huge influence in my early modelling years. I've been a railfan photographer since the mid 60's, first in black & white, and then colour slides from 1974 until switching to digital in the early 90's.

I've modelled in HO for the last 40 years - my main interest being in the Southern, Norfolk & Western and Conrail in the mid 80's. I had a freelance Virginian coal road that filled a basement, but life's constant changes resulted in my current switching layout in a spare bedroom set around HagerstownMD so I could justify all my favourite railroads.

In 2012 while attending  a model train show in Ottawa, I saw a beautifully detailed S scale modular layout. I was amazed at the quality of modelling skill displayed, and the variety of equipment seemingly available in 'S'. I left that show with photos of that layout that still inspire me today. I was hooked!

I attended my first S scale convention in ScrantonPA, and there had a chance to talk with and get to know some of the members of the S Scale Workshop. That resulted to being invited to participate in another show, which led to another show, etc, etc. I guess my 'lost puppy' look had worked in Scranton! I brought my only existing S scale rolling stock - equipment I had built after the convention - and was thrilled to be able to run it on the Workshop layout.

My S scale modelling has now progressed to the point of building an S scale layout over my HO layout in a tiny spare bedroom. But the enjoyment level has increased exponentially over the last couple of years as a result of the new modelling challenge.

I consider myself extremely fortunate to have been accepted in the S Scale Workshop and soon hope to be able to contribute to the group with a couple of my own modules. The patience and expertise of all these modellers has kept me inspired, if not a little intimidated!

I am retired after a 36 year career as a Tool Designer for Pratt & Whitney.

Other hobbies include bird photography, guitar and doing absolutely nothing.

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