I'm a life-long model railway enthusiast who enjoys all aspects of the hobby. I've built models, permanent layouts, exhibition layouts and modules in a variety of scales and gauges - including HOn30, HO, Sn2, S, On2, On30, O/Proto:48, live steam in 1:19 and 1:13.7, and a full-size replica of a Sandy River & Rangeley Lakes water crane, used by the Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad and Museum.

driving ex Monson RR #4, Maine
Narrow Gauge Railroad & Museum
I regularly write about the hobby and my articles have appeared in Railroad Model CraftsmanModel Railroader & Model Railroad PlanningGarden Rail and other publications.

In 2010 I launched The Model Railway Show, a podcast with co-host Jim Martin and Technical Director Chris Abbott - who are both also members of the S Scale Workshop.

I have not yet built a module of my own for use with the S Scale Workshop although I helped Chris Abbott with Marshall's Siding and I do have plans for my own module in the works. But in hanging around with this group, the 1:64 bug bit. I've acquired equipment and I'm currently working on a home layout based on the Canadian National Railway's branch to Port Rowan, Ontario. You can read more about this project at Port Rowan in 1:64.

S is still a relatively new scale for me so I'm still at the base of a steep learning curve. I'm enjoying the fresh challenge and it's great to have such a talented group of friends to guide me.

When not working on model railways, I run my own professional writing services business. I'm also teaching my two border collies to herd sheep.

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