Mar 1, 2017

"Full Throttle Steam" from ESU

(You can also watch this directly on YouTube,
where you may be able to enjoy it in larger formats)

Here's one of my S scale CNR moguls equipped with Full Throttle Steam – the new sound packages soon to be released by ESU for their Loksound Select and Loksound V4.0 decoders. It's running through the Lynn Valley on my home layout, but I'm sure that members of the S Scale Workshop will be considering upgrading some of their decoders when they hear the new sounds coming from Matt Herman at ESU North America.

I’ve spent some time running the locomotive this week, and I’m getting much more comfortable using the Heavy Load and Coast features to bring the sound to life.
I'm using a beta file of Full Throttle Steam. Matt and I installed it while shooting some segments for TrainMasters TV. The production files should be released any day now. Watch the ESU North America website for details.
Meantime, I’m getting ready to replace decoders in more locomotives. It’s a great time to be modelling steam!
- Trevor