Oct 22, 2012

More photos of the S Scale Workshop

I was going through my computer the other day and found a bunch of photos from S Scale Workshop events at the 2009 Toronto Christmas Train Show and 2010 Copetown Show. Here they are. Click on each for a larger view.

An under-contstruction beet loader on the module formerly owned by Chris Abbott - now owned by David Clubine:

The General Store and a logging truck accident on Pete Moffett's module:

A short freight extra - with a mogul and three hopper cars in beet service - passes the water tank on Pete Moffett's module:

This street on Jim Martin's Culverhouse Cannery module is a great spot for train-watching today:

The Culverhouse Cannery is an important customer on Jim Martin's module:

A short freight drifts through the S curve on the module once owned by Chris Abbott, now in David Clubine's possession. Every S scale module should have an S curve, right?

- Trevor