Here are a few shots of some scenes on the modules which make up our layout. As the overall design is Free-mo inspired, any or all of the modules can be present at an exhibition, and they can be connected in virtually any order or orientation.

(click on any photo to enlarge it)

the Coal Dealer on Jim Martin's "Port Dover" module set
the locomotive is a brass RS18 from Overland Models

the overpass and Gorcery Store on Oliver Clubine's module
the locomotive is a CN Mogul brass kit from
S Scale Loco & Supply (designed by Simon Parent) 

the stone causeway on Andy Malette's swamp module
the locomotive is a CN 4-6-0 brass kit designed by Simon Parent

Webb's Landing station on Pete Moffett's module set
the locomotive is a CN 4-6-2 brass superstructure
designed by Andy Malette, on an American Models chassis

the wood trestle on Simon Parent's (original) module set
the locomotive is a CN Mogul brass kit from
S Scale Loco & Supply (designed by Simon Parent)

A lone CN coach comes to rest in front of the small station at Port Dover. The station
and The Arbour Restaurant in the background are scratchbuilt. This 12' long module
set is equipped with an integral backdrop as it is actually part of a home layout.

A CNR 10-wheeler shifts a CP, 40' steel boxcar in front of the feed mill. The structure
is from a Bar Mills Models kit with added details. The locomotive is a Simon Parent,
 limited run unit in brass & whitemetal. Boxcar is ready-to-run. In the backgound
you can see a scratchbuilt wooden overpass and a tell-tale at the siding.

CNR K3 Pacific #5575 hauls the single coach into Webb's Landing station. The
locomotive is from an MLW Services brass & whitemetal kit, which rests on a
modified American Models RTR chassis. The coach is an out-of-production brass model.

CNR Mogul #83 drags a string of boxcars out of Port Dover. The first and last
boxcars in the consist are resin kits of 36' Dominion (Fowler patent) outside braced
cars from Ridgehill Scale Models. The Mogul is a brass & whitemetal kit
designed by Simon Parent and distributed by S Scale Loco & Supply.
The wooden caboose is a resin kit, also from Ridgehill.

Mogul #83 brings a few boxcars from beneath the overpass (Oliver Clubine's corner
module) and begins to head over the rock causeway (Andy Malette's module)

a peek through the trees to the scratchbuilt pile trestle
(Simon Parent's modules set)

Mogul #923 with a short train passing over the wooden trestle
(Simon Parent's modules set)

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