Nov 26, 2011

Green & Fuzzy Doughnuts

It took the better part of Monday after the Toronto Christmas Train Show to get the modules back up in the basement. Being at a show and running with everyone elses' modules is way more fun.

The green fuzzy corner survived and I reinforced the lower joints that had spread apart with some sheet metal, screws and Liquid Nails®. I am not sure that using the cardboard lattice and plaster soaked towels was a great scenery idea for a portable module. It is light but I probably should have used styrofoam. Time will tell. 

All the equipment that was taken is safe. No damage this time. I guess I am finally figuring out how to pack properly. It only took 5 years.

I am contemplating making up a new set of modules based on the Canadian Doughnut Company that was located in Trenton. They had a company Airslide® which was lettered Canadian Doughnut Company! Getting decals in S could be a problem. 



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  1. If you build a Doughnut company for the modules, we'll need to print up some custom cardboard boxes to keep our Timmy's product in at the shows. I suppose the same thing could apply to the brewery...


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