Dec 17, 2011

The New Corner

Caine's Corners

I have started a new corner using the benchwork of the only remaining part of the Marrocco/Merton S Scale Model Railway Club which was at my school. My student, Christopher Caines, built this with me so I am calling it Caine's Corners.

Because the module had been damaged by other students not connected to the club, I had to replace the original track and roadbed. It is in two sections and this time I remembered to place a piece of sheet plastic in the joint in order to keep the sections from gluing together. The Great Green Fuzzy Corner had to be forcibly separated twice. Hopefully this works. Here are the bridge rails.

I tested the corner with CNR Pacific 5580 and a very touchy Express reefer. No derailments so far...Phew! Now on to painting the ties and adding the scenery which will probably be a simple field.


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