Jan 3, 2012

Today is turntable day.

Last evening I was finishing up Connor's On30 turntable, it dawned on me that it could be a perfect small S Scale Turntable. The turntable is a PECO OO/On30 turntable. I have basically built it as stock, with the addition of individual boards on the top, and Code 83 rail instead of the Code 100 in the kit.

A quick trip down to the S Scale layer confirmed it will accept Simon's moguls and ten wheelers, but is too small for the Pacifics and Mikes some of us have.

I was impressed with the power transfer ring, pictured above. The 2 brass bullets are spring loaded and press on the bottom of the rail. I modified it and turned up to more brass cylinders on the lathe that compressed the spring more and I soldered those to the bottom of the rail.

Hopefully this will work as well as I think it will.

The kit is not cheap, but less than most commercial turntables around. Jim hunted around at Christmas Train Show in Toronto last November and found this one for me at $75.00. Not too bad. I believe generally they are about $100.00 in stores, but Ebay may also be a good source.

Next stop is too plant it on the On30 layout so I can get back to CN in the 50's.


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