Apr 7, 2012

0-6-0's are here

Oliver and I had to make a business trip to Michigan this weekend. We took the opportunity to stop by at River Raisin Models and pick up our 0-6-0's. We inspected the 2 models, test ran them, and had a great visit with Dan Navarre. It was great to see Dan and admire his collection of S scale brass.

Upon returning home I took my 0-6-0 apart to survey the installation of a Soundtraxx Tsunami. The loco is equipped with a DC shorting plug. Initially it looked like a plug and play installation, but it has become evident that the Tsunami will have to be moved to the tender. The DCC plug is mounted above the motor in the boiler, but there just isn't enough room to fit everything in.

I am hoping to have one done to show next week when some of us get together with Jamie Bothwell from PA, who is in the area for a run from Paris to Ancaster.


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  1. Mine arrived today. Looks great, runs well - and I managed to catch it when my sleeve caught it and it rolled off the desk.
    No damage.
    Happy Friday the 13th, everyone!
    - Trevor


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