Oct 21, 2013

Getting More Done on New Specs

After Springfield last winter, we decided to work on new specs to protect against shorts and help with track alignment at the ends of the modules.  We came up with a circuit breaker for each module set and rail butt joints soldered to PC board at the ends of the modules.  This was to protect the DCC system and to make it easier with set up with respect to rail alignment between modules.  Prior to this we had shorts and surges in the DCC system and used bridge rails between the modules which proved time consuming and problematic.

When John and I  were setting up at the CanAm 2013 Meet, I noticed that I still had not added the rail butt joints.    So, I decided to correct this omission  as soon as I got the modules home and back on their legs.  I used wet Bounty® Paper Towels to soak the roadbed and ties at the ends for a couple of hours then scraped off the ballast and the ties.  Shown below is one of the ends of the Wetlands.

Once dry, I added the really cool laser cut PC board tie sets designed for module ends by Larry Morton of  Tomalco Track and sold by same.  We got these at NASG Convention in Scranton.  They fit the bill perfectly.  Now there will be no more bridge rails, only butt joints.  As you can see, the ties already have a cut in the foil to insulate them.  I glued them down with water based contact cement.

Tomorrow, I will solder the rails in place and now there will be a solid set of rail ends to join to with the other modules.  All my modules are being upgraded in the same fashion.  Now to celebrate(like I ever really need a reason).

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  1. Nicely done, Andy - and thanks for sharing. I look forward to the follow-up report when you get the rails installed.


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