Feb 10, 2014

A great show at Copetown

Many members of the S Scale Workshop turned out on Sunday for the Copetown Train Show, a much-anticipated annual event in this town just west of Hamilton, Ontario.

Several of the Workshop's Free-mo style modules were on hand. Workshop member Jim Martin, who was involved with this year's display, picks up the story...

- Trevor


It’s hard to believe it’s been eight years since our Free-mo layout debuted at Copetown.  For those who couldn’t make Copetown this year (and there weren’t very many) here’s my report.

Saturday was the usual relaxed set up. David, Oliver, Simon, John, Andy and I decided to forgo the Saturday night slide show at the hall and instead had an enjoyable meal down the hill at Winchesters in Dundas.

Yes - Simon! Simon Parent expended the most energy, trailering his fantastic module from MontrĂ©al Saturday morning and then driving back home Sunday night after the show wrapped up. John was the next long distance hauler, bringing his Burnt River module from Grafton. Andy brought both his modules and set them up for us to run while he worked the MLW Services table and I brought the train turntables to complete this year’s variation of the Workshop layout.  

David was able to get away from his race car duties to run trains with us, and it was great to see Oliver out both days. Fredrick Adlhock, the N scale modeller who joined us at last December's Royal Botanical Gardens show, rounded out the Sunday crew. He was a bonus for us because it didn’t look like he’d be able to get time from work. We even found a Workshop shirt for him to wear.

David’s son Conner also arrived with the rest of the Clubine family and did his usual fine job on throttle duty. Trevor and Chris showed up to visit Sunday. Talking to Chris seemed like old times, and Trevor shot some layout video, which is presented below. Enjoy if you watch...

Simon has done further scenic work on his module, a small house and lots more trees and grass.  Motive power highlights were Simon’s newly completed Pacific, and David’s GP-9.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to say hello and for the many nice words about our modular layout. And if you missed us, be sure to check our upcoming events page - Visiting the S Scale Workshop - to find out where we'll be next. There's nothing planned as I write this, but as soon as we have our next appearance firmed up, we'll post the details there.

- Jim

(Follow this link to YouTube where you can enjoy this video in larger formats)

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