Aug 18, 2015

Video from Exporail 2015

Five members of the S Scale Workshop - Simon, Andy, John, Jim and Brian - put on a killer show this past weekend at "A great passion for model trains", the annual train show at Exporail - Canada's railway museum in Saint-Constant Quebec.

Follow this link to read about the weekend's events.

When he wasn't busy running trains, Simon found time to grab some video of the Workshop's layout:

Enjoy if you watch and maybe we'll see you at a model railway show sometime! Check our upcoming events page to find out where we're exhibiting.


  1. The layout looks great. The use of curved turnouts is wonderful. It looks much more like British style layouts and gets away from the modular look by adding a smooth, natural flow. This is something I have been working on with my layout.

    Tom P
    Gainesville VA USA

    1. Hi Tom:
      Thanks for the feedback and sorry it took us so long to respond. (For some reason, the blog didn't notify us that you'd posted). We really do try to get away from the standard modular look by developing realistic (and restrained!) track arrangements, and then building the benchwork to accommodate them, rather than starting with benchwork and shoehorning the track into a preconceived footprint.
      - Trevor


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