Mar 7, 2016

CNR 4205 at Copetown 2016

Several members of the S Scale Workshop exhibited their free-mo style modular layout at the 2016 Copetown Train Show - March 6 in southern Ontario.

For the first time, we had a Camera Car at a Workshop event. This video captures CNR 4205 (a T-3-a class 2-10-2 built by Workshop member Simon Parent) hauling a train around the layout.

You can compare the journey to the plan published in a previous posting: The video starts as the T-3-a leaves the staging loops.

(You can also watch this directly on YouTube, where you may be able to enjoy it in larger formats.)

The camera - a Replay XD - is mounted on a flat car that's being pulled in front of the T-3-a.

We'll share more videos as time permits.

- Trevor

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  1. Beautiful craftsmanship. Really shows off S scale. Thanks for sharing.

    Kent Smith


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