Apr 11, 2016

CNR D-1 project (or, "It takes a village")

(HO scale model shown. S scale? It's coming!)
My friend Stephen Gardiner has been designing an HO scale model of the CNR D-1 - a streamlined motor - and its two trailers, C-1 and C-2. And from the first time I saw his drawings, I've wanted one to run on our S Scale Workshop exhibition layout.

I'm pleased to report that this project is now coming together. Stephen's HO model is 3D printed from his own drawings, and he's been graciously converting his design to S scale for me. On the weekend, he announced it was ready, and I wasted no time in placing my order with Shapeways. The body shell should arrive in about two weeks.

Stephen is still working on converting his designs for the two trailers to S scale. Meantime, another friend - Ryan Mendell - used a water jet cutter at work to cut a frame for me from a piece of .125" thick brass:

The motor and front truck are from an S Helper Service SW-1, which I purchased (used) from fellow Workshop member David Clubine. I've ordered a suitable trailing truck from American Models, plus trucks for the two trailers.

While I wait for the D-1 shell to arrive, I'll work up a list of detail parts I need to order from BTS and other sources to complete all three pieces. But thanks to the help of many friends, I'm confident the D-1, C-1 and C-2 will be rolling on the Workshop layout some day...


I'm writing more about this project on my personal layout blog. Those interested can find all the entries related to D-1 by following this category link.

- Trevor

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