Aug 24, 2016

Exporail 2016 is in the books

Several members of the S Scale Workshop headed to Saint-Constant, Quebec over the weekend to take part in A Great Passion For Model Trains - an annual train show held in the main building at Exporail: Canada's Railway Museum.

On deck with modules were Andy Malette, Trevor Marshall and Simon Parent. They were joined by Workshop members Fredrick Adlhoch and Brian Nicholson.

(L-R: Simon, Trevor, Brian, Andy, Fredrick)
This is our second appearance at Exporail and - as was the case last year - the Workshop was very well received. As with last year, we were set up on the mezzanine overlooking an exhibit of (mostly) Canadian locomotives, rolling stock, interurban equipment and other artifacts.

We set up in a loop-to-loop configuration that allowed us to run fairly long trains - including a few trains double-headed by CNR T-3-a 2-10-2s.

(Click on any image to view a larger version)

Internal combustion engines were also well represented, adding some colour to the consists.

But as is often the case, steam rules the rails on the Workshop layout. It's great fun to run well-detailed models of Canadian steam, then look over the railing of the mezzanine and see the real thing right below you...

After set-up and tweaking of the connections between modules, the layout ran well for the entire weekend and Exporail is a very pleasant venue in which to exhibit. A good time was had by all.

We're looking forward to future events at Exporail!

(Thanks to Simon and Fredrick for providing photos for this post.)


  1. Looks like a great event worthy of renewing my passport for a future visit!

    Bill Uffelman
    Ocean View Delaware

    1. Attendance was, unfortunately, a bit on the light side - but that also means it was easy to get around the museum to take in various exhibits. The museum is well worth the visit - some really interesting artifacts on display. For me, a bonus was getting to climb into the cab of Grand Trunk 713 - a 2-6-0 - and sit in the engineer's seat. Now I know what it would've felt like to run a mogul on the line I model at home!


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