Dec 15, 2011

Copetown 2012

Workshop member Pete Moffett is busy organizing the group's appearance at the annual Copetown Train Show. (Thanks, Pete!)

Wow - February is coming up fast! I won't have a module ready to participate by then (and in any case, the configuration needs to be determined now) but I hope to grab a throttle for at least part of the day on Sunday to give the regular Workshop members a bit of a break from entertaining the crowds.

If you haven't yet seen the Workshop modular effort in person, Copetown is always an excellent venue. It's a modest-sized show - certainly nothing like the Toronto Christmas Train Show and nowhere near a TrainFest or a Springfield. But Copetown attracts the best modellers from across Ontario (and beyond) and has become a highly-respected gathering of serious model railway enthusiasts.

- Trevor

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