Dec 13, 2011

If I didn't have all this HO...

I heard that phrase again yesterday, from a talented HO modeller as he admired one of my CN 10-wheelers, built by fellow Workshop member Simon Parent.

The guys in the Workshop hear this a lot. Personally, I find this very amusing. Maybe with time it'll get tiresome, but I'm still new to S.

My answer has always been, "it's a hobby". If one is looking for an investment, it's not model trains. So if you see something different you want to try - a new scale, gauge or prototype - go ahead and try it. Yes, it's going to cost you some money, but all hobbies cost money so just go with it and enjoy.

- Trevor


  1. Well I always say back to them, "If I didn't have so much S, then I'd go into HO".



  2. Andy: I should refer them back to the very first entry on my Port Rowan blog, called "Marley's Chains":

    - Trevor


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