Dec 4, 2011

Why I'm here at all...

I've been working on a biography this weekend for my page on this group's blog and I realized I wouldn't even be working in S scale if it weren't for the guys in the S Scale Workshop.

It's great to have a local group of like-minded modellers who are so willing to share their ideas and encouragement, and who bring a real can-do attitude to the hobby. (Yes, can-do: There's surprisingly little griping in the group, despite the fact that S is a niche scale that has faced its share of challenges. For example, instead of moaning about the lack of a product, members in the S Scale Workshop figure out how to make it so the rest of us can benefit from it too.)

Simon builds exquisite locomotives and is willing to share his time to make sure the rest of us have 10-wheelers and moguls.

Andy creates wonderful passenger cars (and a 4-6-2!) - and I'm really looking forward to his eight-hatch refrigerator car models - coming soon!

Oliver and David have commissioned resin kits for essentials like CNR cabooses and Fowler boxcars. Once again, essential pieces for the group.

Jim and Pete generate articles that help generate funds so that the Workshop can continue to travel to exhibitions - and often attend when the rest of us can't, to keep the S flag waving.

Chris has done a fantastic job of trouble-shooting the potential nightmare that is a modular layout powered by DCC and helping to bring others up to speed on all things electronic.

John - like me - is relatively new to the group. (John: It's nice to not be alone as the newbie and I know you and I are going to have to work hard to play catch-up with these guys!)

Everybody offers their help and their insights into the history, products and personalities of modelling in 1:64. I drew on the experiences of all of them as I made my decision to switch to S - and now as I work on my home layout - and I haven't regretted it one bit.

Thanks guys!


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