Apr 26, 2012

N&W A Class 2-6-6-4 finally running!

Well, I was working on three HO CNR Northerns this evening and had to look in the gearbox/coupling drawer to get some parts to get their mechanisms running. These are conversions from Central Vermont T-4-a 2-10-4's. Same boiler and overall appearance, different running gear and details. Then I had a great idea. My OMI S Scale Norfolk and Western A class 2-6-6-4 had a split coupling and I thought I could replace it with something in the drawer. I quickly got the basic mechanisms of the HO stuff done and tested. Then I cleared the workbench to get at the A. Nothing in the box came close but then I had an idea. Put a brass sleeve around the split coupling and when it is tightened with the set screws on the worm gear shaft, it won't come apart. I got some 1/8" brass tubing and drilled two 1/16" holes in it to accomodate the set screws. Then I reamed it out on the lathe until it would fit snugly on the cracked coupling. It worked like a charm or something like that. I put the A back together. Boy are articulateds ever a pain to put back together. Then I decided to try it out on my modules. I moved all the DCC locos to a remote location and disconnected the feeders and bridge rails. Then I attached my DC contoller to the feeders. I put the A on the track and wow. It worked really well. I attached the auxilliary water car. Now I know why a certain other member of our group likes articulateds. It was very impressive. After going through my number 6 turnouts only derailing in reverse a couple of times, I ran it around the green fuzzy corner. It still looks out of place on a 50" radius but it was still really neat to watch. Now all I need is about 100 N&W hopper cars and a caboose! Pictures will follow soon, I guess.


  1. Wow. I didn't know you had one of those engines. Now I have another excuse to come and visit :-).

  2. Are u referring to me Andy? I too have an articulated , a C&O H4 mallet. I really like to run it, with sound....


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