Aug 24, 2013

The Workshop welcomes Jamie Bothwell

(S Scale Workshop member Jim Martin reports...)

It bears repeating that the S Scale Workshop is not a club. We are a group of like-minded friends.   There are no dues, constitution, or Robert’s Rules. (We do have beer.)

We deliberately keep our numbers low and seek out new members only infrequently. The plan is to avoid club politics by having only those with complimentary personalities and modelling skills. We aren’t trying to be elitist - we just want to have fun and show off our best work in order to promote 1:64 as a viable size for scale model railroading.

With that said, we are happy to welcome our newest member - Jamie Bothwell of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

Jamie has close Canadian ties and has been watching our activities for some time. Jamie plans to construct a rural scene to complement our other modules. He wants to build a four-foot long module and leave it up here in Canada for the group to use at exhibitions.

We also hope Jamie finds time to motor up on a regular basis to help us out at area shows.

Hey Jamie: You’re now a Canadian hoser, eh?

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