Sep 18, 2014

The Roadshow - Episode 1

As I've mentioned previously, I'm building two modules for the S Scale Workshop - and I'm documenting them in a series of video segments for TrainMasters TV.

The first episode of what we're calling The Roadshow is now on the air. Here's the link:

            (Note: there is a modest subscription fee)

In this episode, I take a tour of the places I'm using as inspiration for the modules. That inspiration involves one very colourful shirt... a trip to the country with a high-energy team-mate... a big pair of rubber boots... and a flock of stubborn ruminants.

In the series, I'll share some tricks I've learned about building modules - things that work for me, anyway. I've also been experimenting with ideas I've never tried before. Already, I have a couple of ideas from this experience that I plan to incorporate into my Port Rowan layout.

I hope you'll join me on <em>TrainMasters TV</em> to follow along as I build my modules.


Now - the pitch:

Barry Silverthorn at TrainMasters TV is a professional producer and editor with a fine eye for camerawork. This is not your typical YouTube fare. In a word, it's slick. I'm tickled that Barry has welcomed me on board to do this series. His talent and commitment to creating a great show - hosted by hobbyists and focussed on this great hobby of ours - is forcing me to up my game to match.

That said, one gets what one pays for and as I noted above, there is a modest monthly fee for your subscription. But it's equivalent to buying a package of replacement blades for the hobby knife - and less if you subscribe for longer periods. I consider that a small price to pay to add such a tool to my toolbox. Even though I'm hosting this series, I'm also a subscriber.

TrainMasters TV is highly entertaining to watch and a great way to get ideas for one's own hobby endeavours. I look forward to each episode, and I hope you'll become as big a fan as I am.

Thanks again, Barry!

- Trevor

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